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I got nasty habits, I take tea at three.

Don't you wanna live with me?

Get Off My Lawn
3 January 1994
Oh hey. Don't mind me.

I live in a place that is virtually non-existent in the state of Kentucky. I have been living here for 15 years. Just a place of farmland and trees. I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland. I enjoy little things and some weird things; cooking, drawing, eating, writing are some things I like to do. I listen to anything that is pleasing to my ears: from the Rolling Stones to the Fray. I live for writing pretty much anything and I lose sleep trying to accomplish that.

Still not savvy on creating a nice public display page, so I gave up a long time ago. And lazy, too.

I like odds and ends. If we have things in common, I'll get along with you. This is a semi-public journal, meaning fanfiction and writer's block are on public display when I feel like making them that. Mood theme created by tangleofthorns 

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